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Spa Pool Lighting

Compare the types of lights available.

There are two main types which you should consider. The halogen lights are not expensive and have a fairly long useful life. The LED lights are currently the more popular option, however. This is because they use up only about a fifth of the energy which their halogen counterparts require. Besides, they give you more colour options as well.

Decide on the colour of the lights.

This is a completely personal choice, but you have to make it carefully. Consider the surrounding setting and the ambience which you want to create. Many people pick different variations of blue and green because these colours always look good in and around pools. Purple is quite trendy. One way to resolve the dilemma is to opt for an LED system with multiple colours which you can change in line with your mood.

Consider all lighting options.

There are three main spa pool lighting options which can be used separately or together. The topside and chain lights are considered mandatory because they enable you to utilise the different controls and to find your way around. They are useful to have even if you use the facility only during the day.

The installation of underwater lights was once regarded as a fancy extra, but this is no longer the case. They will make the pool look absolutely beautiful at night. Besides, they will help you greatly with finding your way around the pool. Another advantage is that people feel more at ease when they get into a well-lit pool during the night.

Cabinet lights are also among the main options which are available. They are installed on the sides of the spa pool, typically along the middle line of the exterior walls. Most often, there is a single light per panel, but it may be possible to have more installed. This option is useful in case you want the surrounding area to be better lit. This is quite beneficial if there is not a lot of space or if people can come across obstacles on their way to the pool.