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Category Archives: Home Improvement

Conservatory Spa

With the high level of stress that most individuals face, spas have increased in popularity. Individuals leave the spa well rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. The idea is to reset the body, mind, and soul by releasing the negative toxins that we unknowingly absorb in our daily lives. A spa does this by promoting a calming connection with nature. Given that nature is one of the most soothing remedies, it is only appropriate to house a spa in a structure that will give users the strongest connection to nature without requiring them to endure the elements.

Since the conservatory is a glass structure it provides users with the opportunity to experience the surrounding outdoor beauty, no matter the time of day or year. The natural light that a conservatory provides greatly reduces the need for harsh, artificial lighting. Conservatories are the ideal environment for plant growth as well, so the peaceful outdoors can truly be brought indoors in a spa conservatory.

Some think that since a conservatory is made almost entirely of glass, it is bound to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This is simply untrue and when properly designed, a conservatory can be comfortable at any time of year. Selecting the correct ventilation is essential to ensure adequate air flow throughout a conservatory spa. Ridge vents are ideal, along with operable windows, doors, and skylights, all of which are engineered with matching sightlines to create one cohesive structure. Stand alone conservatories typically include their own HVAC units while lean-to conservatories utilize the HVAC system of the structure to which it is attached. Either way, a comfortable temperature is easily achieved in the spa.

Hot Tub in Winter

Head off cold and flu season. When you use a one in winter, you can sweat out some of the toxins floating around in your body. If you start to feel a head cold coming on, crank your spa up to about 104 degrees and have a good, long soak. And since you need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and water is good for your health, you get some added health benefits too!

Get some much needed exercise. We totally understand that you might want to just curl up under a blanket and keep the cold weather out, but your spa afford you the chance to get some much-needed exercise. You can stay warm while working your muscles by stretching under water, and by using the water’s tension to do some light reps with special weights. Hydrotherapy also works exceptionally well for people who spend a lot of time playing outdoor sports or working in the cold.

Have a little fun with friends. Winter parties are fun, but you’re stuck inside the whole time. With a large enough tub, you can entertain inside and outside all season long. There are definite health benefits to spending time with friends – and now you can get some fresh air, too.

Reinvigorate your relationship. Let’s put it this way: you can snuggle in winter, and no one ever has deal with the other person’s cold feet.

(There are health benefits to hot-and-cold therapy, too, but you should see a doctor before starting any kind of regimen.) Drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol; you can become dehydrated more quickly if you drink too much while hot tubbing. Keep your spa around 100 degrees (unless a doctor says otherwise) so that your temperature is consistent, and make sure to perform routine maintenance and cleaning. Soaking in a dirty tub in winter – or in any season – can lessen the benefits.

The most important thing to remember about using a hot tub in winter is to have fun! Spas are a big investment, and you should get the most out of your purchase. Few things have as many health benefits as happiness – so sit back, relax and enjoy your spa this winter!

Safe Pool Enclosure

Aluminium has remained a common choice of pool fences offering superior durability and ease of installation. The versatile material can be designed to fit any size or shape pool and provides a cost effective option for property owners looking for a basic, solid structure. It is simple to maintain including a powder coating to protect against rust damage and minimize the need to continuously manage the condition of fencing.

One of the more affordable materials for fencing is aluminum and is not limited to its size or color. It will not provide privacy and serves as a basic fence to keep the area secure from unauthorized or unsupervised access. Iron and steel fencing are available, but may prove costly for larger pools owing to the heavier consistency and labor involved in construction.

A cheaper building material includes wood able to create a sturdy and solid fence with broad panels to produce a private bathing area. The basic construction of wood provides a more affordable alternative to aluminum or glass and includes customized design options to improve the appeal and condition of pools. A limitation of having wooden fencing installed includes the constant maintenance required to protect the material against rot and degradation.

A beautiful design solution to safely enclose pools includes glass fences with a semi-framed or frameless style offering a modern enhancement. The clear glass creates a sense of spaciousness for smaller yards ensuring that structures remain encased without a cumbersome fence. The transparent production provides with the ability to easily view the structure offering a greater sense of security.

Glass offers a beautifully clear design that is easy to maintain regardless of weather conditions and will not degrade over time. The thick glass consistency can provide maximum protection and simply requires cleaning with a cloth to manage its crystal clear clarity. Well- designed pools are enhanced with modern and aesthetically pleasing styles that assist in safeguarding these structures.

The selection of fences to enclose pools must provide safe and secure solutions for enhancement that will last against daily wear and tear. A professional installation company can provide customized fencing to ensure that the structure remains well protected without compromising on its aesthetic value. The most affordable styles are determined to keep the area well maintained and to ensure that access remains well supervised.

Infrared Saunas

Lower Blood Pressure And Unwind Muscles

Fortunately you don’t have to sit in one for hours to reap the benefits. For the majority of people, you can enjoy a few 15-20 minute sessions per week to reap the maximum benefits of infrared sauna therapy. The increased circulation helps to lower blood pressure, making you feel good all over as well as relaxing tight muscles and easing aches and pains.

The more chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and rheumatism respond very well to infrared heat therapy. This can provide a drug-free method of pain relief thus relieving inflammation and stiffness. Infrared has been shown to improve functioning of the endothelial cells lining the artery walls.

They Can Head Of The Cold Or Flu

Feeling as if you’re about to get sick? Head off to the nearest infrared sauna as fast as possible. Why is this you ask? Because the radiant infrared heat will stimulate the circulation, rev up white blood cell production and stimulate your immune systems response to the viral invaders.

This makes your body are less hospitable environment for those germs to grow. Even if you are coming down with something, keep in mind that infrared saunas and increased body circulation offers major health and well-being benefits as well as speeding up muscle recovery with regular use.

Infrared Sauna Makes You Look Younger

Infrared sauna therapy offers a wonderful bonus to the skin by helping to improve skin tone and reducing the signs of ageing by stimulating blood flow, increasing collagen production and better circulation, all of which improve the overall appearance of your skin.

You don’t need to use the latest chemical filled beauty products. The increased circulation, elimination of toxins and the flushing out of any cellular detritus will give your skin glowing and radiant appearance.

How To Drop Weight Effortlessly

An infrared sauna session helps you to lose weight by increasing the metabolic rate which in turn helps the body to burn off anywhere from 200-600 calories during a half-hour session. You’ll notice after a session that the scales will show a weight loss, however this is due to the plentiful sweating you may undergo…

A regular infrared sauna therapy routine won’t necessarily melt off the spare tire, however, combined with an exercise plan and a sensible diet to give your metabolism is an extra boost, you’ll soon see those pounds melting away. Remember to rehydrate before, during and after your infrared sauna session.

Buying Pool Cover

There are two main types of winter pool covers: 1) A solid vinyl cover and 2) A mesh cover. Solid vinyl covers come in varying qualities with different thickness and warranty coverages available. Mesh covers typically come in one standard quality.

Solid vinyl covers tend to be heavy, depending on the thickness and size, and usually require two persons to install and remove. However, they work well to keep out debris, sunlight, and water. Keeping out sunlight is critical in that it prevents the growth of algae in the pool. Keeping out water is good in that it keeps out dirty water that has mixed with the debris on top of the cover. These covers do create water pooling on top of the cover which will require draining. An equalizer air pillow and submersible pump are the usual accessories to go along with a solid vinyl cover. The pillow will make it easier to remove pooling water and debris. When your pool water freezes, it will also compress to relieve the pressure on your pool walls from the ice expansion as well as prevent the vinyl pool cover from freezing by lifting it off of the water. A submersible pump is typically used to remove pooling water off of the pool cover.

Pricing of solid vinyl covers tends to go hand in hand with durability and longevity. A wide range of solid vinyl pool cover options are available varying by price, thickness, and warranty for any given size. The standard thickness options are 8 mm, 12 mm, and 16 mm. Warranty coverage on these pool covers vary based on thickness with the minimum typically a 8 year limited/1 year full warranty and a maximum of 20 year limited/3 year full.

Mesh covers are lightweight, which allows them to be installed and removed typically by a single person. Additionally, they allow water to slowly flow through them thus preventing water pooling on top of the cover. This is one of the main benefits of a mesh cover because it eliminates the need for a submersible pump to remove the pooling water. An equalizer pillow is a recommended accessory for mesh pool covers in places where the water will freeze. A downside to a mesh cover is that when it allows water to pass through to the pool, it allows dirty water to pass through to the pool that has been mixing with the debris on top of the cover. This may result in the pool water needing serious attention and cleaning when it is time to open the pool.

Spa Pool Lighting

Compare the types of lights available.

There are two main types which you should consider. The halogen lights are not expensive and have a fairly long useful life. The LED lights are currently the more popular option, however. This is because they use up only about a fifth of the energy which their halogen counterparts require. Besides, they give you more colour options as well.

Decide on the colour of the lights.

This is a completely personal choice, but you have to make it carefully. Consider the surrounding setting and the ambience which you want to create. Many people pick different variations of blue and green because these colours always look good in and around pools. Purple is quite trendy. One way to resolve the dilemma is to opt for an LED system with multiple colours which you can change in line with your mood.

Consider all lighting options.

There are three main spa pool lighting options which can be used separately or together. The topside and chain lights are considered mandatory because they enable you to utilise the different controls and to find your way around. They are useful to have even if you use the facility only during the day.

The installation of underwater lights was once regarded as a fancy extra, but this is no longer the case. They will make the pool look absolutely beautiful at night. Besides, they will help you greatly with finding your way around the pool. Another advantage is that people feel more at ease when they get into a well-lit pool during the night.

Cabinet lights are also among the main options which are available. They are installed on the sides of the spa pool, typically along the middle line of the exterior walls. Most often, there is a single light per panel, but it may be possible to have more installed. This option is useful in case you want the surrounding area to be better lit. This is quite beneficial if there is not a lot of space or if people can come across obstacles on their way to the pool.

About Family Spa Pool

Size and Layout

You will certainly benefit from a bigger spa pool. Adults will certainly love to have more space while seated. Kids will have more fun if they have more room to play in the water. In general, you have to measure the available space in your yard precisely and to provide for walking room around the pool to calculate the maximum size which you can opt for.

You would want every member of the family to have a seat inside. While parents will benefit greatly from lounge seats, which provide full leg massage and relaxation, kids usually prefer smaller seats with more room for playing. If you have children, you should consider a layout which will allow them to move around without disturbing the adults. One solution is to opt for a pool with two separate sections – one for relaxation and one for playing and doing exercise.

Control Options

Since all members of the family are different, you should be able to control the temperature so that everyone feels comfortable in the water. Similarly, you will be able to select the optimal temperature for each activity. If you plan to have fun with the kids or to do exercises in the water, you can readily opt for a lower temperature than the one that you would choose for relaxation after work. Again, a spa pool with two different compartments will enable your family to do more things at the same time.

You will benefit from controlling the power of the water jets as well. While some people prefer a more powerful massage, others do not tolerate it well. Generally, you should know that the air jets are less powerful compared to the water jets.

Fun Extras

You should certainly consider cool features which the whole family will love. Everyone will appreciate a facility with its own stereo system. This will enable you to enjoy your favourite music while having fun in the water. You can also have a television set installed to watch movies, shows and sports events.

Quality Hot Tub Water

There are several different types of testing kit, each one having a different application. Ultimately, they will all give similar types of results, which you can then use as a guideline to ‘correct’ your water.

Some of the most popular types of testing products are pool test strips, which can be used to test the pH of your water, as well as the level of some of the sanitising chemicals that you have placed in your hot tub.

To use these, take a sample of your tub water in a clean glass or plastic vessel, and then dip one of your pool test strips in it for a period of approximately ten to twenty seconds, although this period of time can vary depending on the strips that you have bought. Following the product guide, you will then be able to assess the quality of your water.

The first thing that you should check for is the alkalinity of your water, which you can then adjust according to the recommendations provided by your hot tub manufacturer. If you are not sure how to alter the alkalinity of the water, contact a reputable hot tub supplies retailer, who will be able to recommend you a good product for your particular model of tub.

You should allow enough time for the products you have added to dissolve in the water – usually an hour or so – before you proceed to the next step of testing for your sanitiser level. Common sanitizers include chlorine and bromine, and regular pool test strips will usually be able to measure the presence of these in your water.

After taking readings off your test strips, top up the levels of your chosen sanitiser, taking care not to add too much, as this can corrode certain components of your hot tub. After this, it is important to verify the hardness of your water. Hardness basically refers to the calcium content of your water, with calcium being essential to avoid corrosion of your tub.

If your calcium levels are low, there are certain products that you can use to top up this mineral. Although test strips are often able to be great indicators of all these different factors, there are also a couple of other options available to you.

The first one of these is the liquid testing kit, although many on the market only test for the pH levels of the water and the amount of chlorine sanitiser present. These can be used by dropping a few drops of test liquid into your water sample and comparing the resulting colour of the water to the guidelines provided with the product.

It is also possible to have your water tested professionally, as this can ensure that you have the right levels of alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and sanitiser present to make sure that your hot tub remains clean and in top condition for a very long time indeed. Experts generally recommend that this type of professional check is carried out every one or two months, depending on level of use.

Commercial Pool Repair

Replace the split baskets

Make sure you replace every split basket and get some extra split baskets as well. You also need to replace throttles, baskets, lids and weirs. During the regular use, these things may break or get lost. If you have some extra pieces at your disposal, you can replace them right away.

Air bleeders

If you find that an air bleeder is not working properly, you have to remove it, as it can become a safety hazard. When you start the pump, it pushes a large amount of air into the filter tank. Now, if the air can’t find a way to get out, the surge can explode, especially if the tank is dirty. Make sure you fix the air bleeder as soon as possible.

Shepard’s Crook

Your jurisdiction may not have this requirement, but you need to connect the shepard’s crook to a strong pole. Moreover, make sure it is connected with strong bolts. Keep in mind that you should not use spring clips made of plastic for the connection.


If you need to fix the ladder, the handrail pad or the guard chair, you should first determine how you would bond the anchors. Remember: small pads may cost you a good deal of money if you don’t use the right accessories.

Leak detections

If you detect a leakage somewhere around the pool, know that you have a repair job at hand. Well, the problem may not become visible until you have set up the whole thing and the pool is operational. So, when should you plan for the repair job? Well, according to experts, if it is summer, you should wait for the mid of summer to plan for the repair work to be done in fall. The first thing you need to do is fix the leaks.

Inground Pools


Vinyl models are another option to consider. These inground pools are installed by placing a steel frame in the ground. It is then covered with a strong plastic cover. For those homeowners who want to customize the shape but do not want the expense of concrete, vinyl is a comparable option. They are significantly less costly than other options and are quick to install.

While they are durable and considered strong by industry standards, they do come with a set of risks. The probability of puncture to the lining is one of the biggest risks. If the liner is punctured or torn, leaks will be imminent. If this happens, a technician will have to locate and repair the leak or replace the liner altogether.


Another option is fiberglass. Fiberglass models are prefabricated structures that are manufactured in several shapes and sizes. They are placed directly into the ground. This option is the least expensive for this type of pool. Fiberglass models are easier to install than both concrete and vinyl and can be done fairly quickly. They are also more durable than vinyl models.

The primary drawback is the lack of versatility. While there are different shapes available, they are few compared to what is available in other formats. Decorative accents are also limited due to mass production.

Before making a final choice, carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of inground pools. The look and style are important, but so are the price and versatility. In addition, it is important to make regional considerations. Climate and the terrain of the land are key factors in the decision. Always work closely with a professional pool installation service to obtain the best advice on this major home investment.