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About Family Spa Pool

Size and Layout

You will certainly benefit from a bigger spa pool. Adults will certainly love to have more space while seated. Kids will have more fun if they have more room to play in the water. In general, you have to measure the available space in your yard precisely and to provide for walking room around the pool to calculate the maximum size which you can opt for.

You would want every member of the family to have a seat inside. While parents will benefit greatly from lounge seats, which provide full leg massage and relaxation, kids usually prefer smaller seats with more room for playing. If you have children, you should consider a layout which will allow them to move around without disturbing the adults. One solution is to opt for a pool with two separate sections – one for relaxation and one for playing and doing exercise.

Control Options

Since all members of the family are different, you should be able to control the temperature so that everyone feels comfortable in the water. Similarly, you will be able to select the optimal temperature for each activity. If you plan to have fun with the kids or to do exercises in the water, you can readily opt for a lower temperature than the one that you would choose for relaxation after work. Again, a spa pool with two different compartments will enable your family to do more things at the same time.

You will benefit from controlling the power of the water jets as well. While some people prefer a more powerful massage, others do not tolerate it well. Generally, you should know that the air jets are less powerful compared to the water jets.

Fun Extras

You should certainly consider cool features which the whole family will love. Everyone will appreciate a facility with its own stereo system. This will enable you to enjoy your favourite music while having fun in the water. You can also have a television set installed to watch movies, shows and sports events.