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Plan Outdoor Saunas

Consider the dimensions of the building to be used first. Let the sauna occupy an area of less than 10′ X 10′ so as to avoid having to acquire a building permit as is the case if a hundred square feet are exceeded. However, verification of this information with your local building-inspection authority can be done so as to be sure. The best dimensions to use are 8′ X 12′ which will allow you to have three rooms in your sauna: the entry as well as storage room for your wood used as fuel for the sauna, a changing room as well as the sauna itself. Let the sauna’s height be less than seven feet to avoid wastage of heat. Having a smaller room ensures more efficient heating as well as allowing the use of a smaller heater and smaller circuit breakers within your panel.

The layout of the room is also very important. For a better layout of the benches to be used, have the heater and the door on a long wall adjacent to each other. Allow

Ground Pool

The first thing you need to do is gather your pool closing supplies.These include the pool cover, the plugs for the skimmers, the winterizing chemicals and the air pillow (or tires, tubes, balls, etc that will break up the ice expansion and save your pool walls from damage). Once you have located all of these supplies, you can start winterizing the pool.

The first task is to backwash the filter to get all the dirt and grunge out. If you have a sand filter you’ll want to leave the drain plug off for the duration. With DE filter tanks, leave the backwash valve open. Anything you take off you’ll want to store in the pump basket or other safe spot till next summer. Next, plug all return pipes and take out all hoses. Disconnect the pump and filter, make sure they are free of water and store them in a dry place like the garage over the winter.

Plug the skimmer hole with a black rubber plug or alternatively you can drain the pool water so that

Spa Pool Indoors

There is a set of requirements, which have to be met, in order for a spa pool to be installed indoors. Firstly, you need to have sufficiently large space for the pool. You have to be able to run the required piping and cabling. You need to check with an architect and an engineer whether and how the facility can fit.

You have to provide for proper drainage as well. The floor must be waterproof, slip-resistant and easy to clean. This is necessary since approximately three litres of water spill out of a standard-sized pool of this type when people get out.

Since the water inside typically has higher temperature compared to the air temperature in the room, you have to provide effective ventilation. Most indoor spaces will require one vent fan, but other solutions may be appropriate as well. Even with good ventilation steam will still come out of the pool and fill the room. Given this, the room must have walls which do not absorb water and which are resistant to water damage and mould. In order

Types of Pool Filters

· DE pool filter: DE which stands for Diatomaceous Earth, is by far the most popular filter on the market. This is because it is the most efficient. The filter uses a powder to assist in the filtration process. This powder is made from the skeletons of Diatoms, an ancient sub-aquatic creature. This might sound bizarre but these skeletons are like tiny sponges. Which is why they are so efficient at being able to pick up the dirt that is filtered through. The powder gets dissolved as soon as it is added to the skimmer and floats down to the filter tank. Once it reaches the grid it sticks to the nylon fabric attached and coats the grid.

· Cartridge filter: this filter is normally used in small pools and even Jacuzzi’s. The filter, literally has a cartridge in side of it that is capable of picking up dirt that is 25-100 microns in size. It is simple to maintain and all you need to do is keep an eye on the pressure gage. As soon as it reaches 3.5kg-5kg over the clean mark you will need to take it out and clean it thoroughly with a

Ground Saltwater Pools

A saltwater design requires tests for chlorine and pH levels that may be adjusted with the relevant products. Ensuring that the generator is working properly can minimize the need to constantly adjust parameters to produce stable conditions. Assess all filtration and maintenance systems to keep the water clean and conducive for swimming throughout the year.

A test to examine the salt, calcium and alkalinity of the pool will need to be completed once a month. The ideal levels must be determined according to the size of the structure and the volume of water it contains. Applying corrective solutions ensures water remains clean and will not expose swimmers to harmful chemicals and harsh conditions.

Maintain the cleanliness of filters and equipment to produce maximum performance and prevent stagnant water from forming. The flow must be kept at a powerful rate to circulate the salt and the chemicals applied to prevent bacterial formation. Apply the correct tests and management of systems during the summer and the winter months to prevent complications and expensive repairs.

The saltwater generator will have to be carefully assessed including an examination of the cells where dirt accumulates. The most common problem that

Fiberglass Pools

Traditional swimming pool maintenance frequently requires the services of a professional but with a fiberglass pool there is virtually no maintenance needed. These types of pools are also made from strong composite materials, which makes them able to withstand drastic changes in the temperature. They also do not need to be relined or resurfaced. If you get a hairline fracture in the bottom of this pool it rarely irrevocably damages the pool structure.

Traditional swimming pools are normally made of plaster or concrete, which can affect the pH level of the water but with a fiberglass pool that level is never affected. Because the pH level is never affected it is not necessary to apply so many chemicals to the water. The water also does not need as much circulation since there are not that many chemicals in the water. When there is a decrease in water circulation the pool pump is not working that hard so the utility bills are not as high.

With traditional pools they will often absorb algae and make cleaning the pool difficult but a swimming pool made of fiberglass does not absorb algae. When there are algae present all you

Spa Pool Accessories

Steps and Handrails

If your spa pool raises at a considerable height above the patio deck, you should definitely consider getting a set of steps. These are designed to be fitted right next to the pool. They are extremely useful especially for small children and people with limited mobility. The handrails can also be of great help to those who require additional support to get inside. It is worth pointing out that often people with injuries or disabling conditions such as arthritis can experience great symptom relief by soaking into warm water and getting a gentle massage.

Pool Umbrella

This accessory can be truly invaluable. You will get excellent protection from the blazing sun on the hot summer days. You will not have to worry about rain ruining your outdoor spa experience. You will always be dry under the umbrella. Whenever you decide to enjoy the view or want to marvel at the stars at night, you can readily close it. This practical accessory can give you great privacy as well.

Cover and Lifter

You can expect the spa pool which you buy to come with a cover. It is usually included in

Portable Hot Tub

Construction. You need to make sure your hot tub is built to last more than one season. There’s no real way to know this ahead of time, but as a general rule of thumb, the inflatable hot tubs with interior reinforced construction seem to hold up best.

Price. You can expect to find most inflatable spas to be in the $350 to $800 range. That’s a sizeable investment. But, it’s nowhere near the cost of an in-ground spa.

Warranty. Check out the warranty provided by each manufacturer before you buy. This will adjust your expectations and should furnish you with a customer service contact if you need new parts or – worst case – a replacement hot tub.

Jets. Again, just so you won’t be disappointed when you climb into your hot tub for the first time, pay attention to how many jets your hot tub comes equipped with. Generally, four-person inflatable units have 120 jets, while the larger six-person tubs have 140. And please understand that they produce a powerful stream of bubbles, not real jets of water, as you might be used to in the big commercial hot tubs.

Covers. When you

Tips pick Right Pool Shape

Shapes and sizes of pools are determined by the amount of space available on the property. The area selected for installation will influence the style of the feature that will best work in terms of practicality and ease of maintenance. Do not make a rushed decision, but carefully consider size as it is expensive and complex to have to fill or remove pools at a later stage.

Create a budget for the addition and consider the options available that are valuable and cost effective. Contacting a professional contractor in the installation of pools will include an estimate of the materials and labor involved. The smaller sizes are less expensive than a large and complex design and require a fair comparison that will prove most suitable for a budget.

Swimming pools can be constructed for training and athletic purposes or a simple feature to lounge in during the warmer temperatures. Determine its use before proceeding with a particular style because it looks good in a catalog or the backyard of a neighbor. The feasibility of pools will have to be assessed as a lack of regular usage may call for less expensive alternatives.

Pools must prove

Testing Water in Pool

Test Kits

These kits are more accurate than the strips, but can also be more difficult to use. These require the use of reagents to check the water. Users are required to combine a small sample of the water and then drop a few drops of reagents into it. It will then change colors, and users can determine the results according to a chart that is included.

These can be more accurate than other methods, but they are also more likely to produce the wrong results due to user errors. If a user uses more of the reagents than required, it can easily alter the results, resulting in users not knowing the chemical levels of their water. These are typically used by individuals that want the most accurate results possible without having to use an electronic system.

Electronic System

Owners that want the most accurate results possible with easy to use equipment often spring for an electronic system. These kits work by using the same reagents that other kits do, but they are simpler to use and result in less errors. Users insert a sample of the water into the device, press a button,

Conservatory Spa

With the high level of stress that most individuals face, spas have increased in popularity. Individuals leave the spa well rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. The idea is to reset the body, mind, and soul by releasing the negative toxins that we unknowingly absorb in our daily lives. A spa does this by promoting a calming connection with nature. Given that nature is one of the most soothing remedies, it is only appropriate to house a spa in a structure that will give users the strongest connection to nature without requiring them to endure the elements.

Since the conservatory is a glass structure it provides users with the opportunity to experience the surrounding outdoor beauty, no matter the time of day or year. The natural light that a conservatory provides greatly reduces the need for harsh, artificial lighting. Conservatories are the ideal environment for plant growth as well, so the peaceful outdoors can truly be brought indoors in a spa conservatory.

Some think that since a conservatory is made almost entirely of glass, it is bound to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This is simply untrue and when properly designed, a conservatory

Hot Tub in Winter

Head off cold and flu season. When you use a one in winter, you can sweat out some of the toxins floating around in your body. If you start to feel a head cold coming on, crank your spa up to about 104 degrees and have a good, long soak. And since you need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and water is good for your health, you get some added health benefits too!

Get some much needed exercise. We totally understand that you might want to just curl up under a blanket and keep the cold weather out, but your spa afford you the chance to get some much-needed exercise. You can stay warm while working your muscles by stretching under water, and by using the water’s tension to do some light reps with special weights. Hydrotherapy also works exceptionally well for people who spend a lot of time playing outdoor sports or working in the cold.

Have a little fun with friends. Winter parties are fun, but you’re stuck inside the whole time. With a large enough tub, you can entertain inside and outside all season long. There are definite health

Safe Pool Enclosure

Aluminium has remained a common choice of pool fences offering superior durability and ease of installation. The versatile material can be designed to fit any size or shape pool and provides a cost effective option for property owners looking for a basic, solid structure. It is simple to maintain including a powder coating to protect against rust damage and minimize the need to continuously manage the condition of fencing.

One of the more affordable materials for fencing is aluminum and is not limited to its size or color. It will not provide privacy and serves as a basic fence to keep the area secure from unauthorized or unsupervised access. Iron and steel fencing are available, but may prove costly for larger pools owing to the heavier consistency and labor involved in construction.

A cheaper building material includes wood able to create a sturdy and solid fence with broad panels to produce a private bathing area. The basic construction of wood provides a more affordable alternative to aluminum or glass and includes customized design options to improve the appeal and condition of pools. A limitation of having wooden fencing installed includes the constant maintenance required to protect

Infrared Saunas

Lower Blood Pressure And Unwind Muscles

Fortunately you don’t have to sit in one for hours to reap the benefits. For the majority of people, you can enjoy a few 15-20 minute sessions per week to reap the maximum benefits of infrared sauna therapy. The increased circulation helps to lower blood pressure, making you feel good all over as well as relaxing tight muscles and easing aches and pains.

The more chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and rheumatism respond very well to infrared heat therapy. This can provide a drug-free method of pain relief thus relieving inflammation and stiffness. Infrared has been shown to improve functioning of the endothelial cells lining the artery walls.

They Can Head Of The Cold Or Flu

Feeling as if you’re about to get sick? Head off to the nearest infrared sauna as fast as possible. Why is this you ask? Because the radiant infrared heat will stimulate the circulation, rev up white blood cell production and stimulate your immune systems response to the viral invaders.

This makes your body are less hospitable environment for those germs to grow. Even if you are coming down with something,

Buying Pool Cover

There are two main types of winter pool covers: 1) A solid vinyl cover and 2) A mesh cover. Solid vinyl covers come in varying qualities with different thickness and warranty coverages available. Mesh covers typically come in one standard quality.

Solid vinyl covers tend to be heavy, depending on the thickness and size, and usually require two persons to install and remove. However, they work well to keep out debris, sunlight, and water. Keeping out sunlight is critical in that it prevents the growth of algae in the pool. Keeping out water is good in that it keeps out dirty water that has mixed with the debris on top of the cover. These covers do create water pooling on top of the cover which will require draining. An equalizer air pillow and submersible pump are the usual accessories to go along with a solid vinyl cover. The pillow will make it easier to remove pooling water and debris. When your pool water freezes, it will also compress to relieve the pressure on your pool walls from the ice expansion as well as prevent the vinyl pool cover from freezing by lifting it off of the water.

Spa Pool Lighting

Compare the types of lights available.

There are two main types which you should consider. The halogen lights are not expensive and have a fairly long useful life. The LED lights are currently the more popular option, however. This is because they use up only about a fifth of the energy which their halogen counterparts require. Besides, they give you more colour options as well.

Decide on the colour of the lights.

This is a completely personal choice, but you have to make it carefully. Consider the surrounding setting and the ambience which you want to create. Many people pick different variations of blue and green because these colours always look good in and around pools. Purple is quite trendy. One way to resolve the dilemma is to opt for an LED system with multiple colours which you can change in line with your mood.

Consider all lighting options.

There are three main spa pool lighting options which can be used separately or together. The topside and chain lights are considered mandatory because they enable you to utilise the different controls and to find your way around. They are useful to have even

About Family Spa Pool

Size and Layout

You will certainly benefit from a bigger spa pool. Adults will certainly love to have more space while seated. Kids will have more fun if they have more room to play in the water. In general, you have to measure the available space in your yard precisely and to provide for walking room around the pool to calculate the maximum size which you can opt for.

You would want every member of the family to have a seat inside. While parents will benefit greatly from lounge seats, which provide full leg massage and relaxation, kids usually prefer smaller seats with more room for playing. If you have children, you should consider a layout which will allow them to move around without disturbing the adults. One solution is to opt for a pool with two separate sections – one for relaxation and one for playing and doing exercise.

Control Options

Since all members of the family are different, you should be able to control the temperature so that everyone feels comfortable in the water. Similarly, you will be able to select the optimal temperature for each activity. If you plan to have

Quality Hot Tub Water

There are several different types of testing kit, each one having a different application. Ultimately, they will all give similar types of results, which you can then use as a guideline to ‘correct’ your water.

Some of the most popular types of testing products are pool test strips, which can be used to test the pH of your water, as well as the level of some of the sanitising chemicals that you have placed in your hot tub.

To use these, take a sample of your tub water in a clean glass or plastic vessel, and then dip one of your pool test strips in it for a period of approximately ten to twenty seconds, although this period of time can vary depending on the strips that you have bought. Following the product guide, you will then be able to assess the quality of your water.

The first thing that you should check for is the alkalinity of your water, which you can then adjust according to the recommendations provided by your hot tub manufacturer. If you are not sure how to alter the alkalinity of the water, contact a reputable hot tub supplies retailer,

Commercial Pool Repair

Replace the split baskets

Make sure you replace every split basket and get some extra split baskets as well. You also need to replace throttles, baskets, lids and weirs. During the regular use, these things may break or get lost. If you have some extra pieces at your disposal, you can replace them right away.

Air bleeders

If you find that an air bleeder is not working properly, you have to remove it, as it can become a safety hazard. When you start the pump, it pushes a large amount of air into the filter tank. Now, if the air can’t find a way to get out, the surge can explode, especially if the tank is dirty. Make sure you fix the air bleeder as soon as possible.

Shepard’s Crook

Your jurisdiction may not have this requirement, but you need to connect the shepard’s crook to a strong pole. Moreover, make sure it is connected with strong bolts. Keep in mind that you should not use spring clips made of plastic for the connection.


If you need to fix the ladder, the handrail pad or the guard chair, you should

Inground Pools


Vinyl models are another option to consider. These inground pools are installed by placing a steel frame in the ground. It is then covered with a strong plastic cover. For those homeowners who want to customize the shape but do not want the expense of concrete, vinyl is a comparable option. They are significantly less costly than other options and are quick to install.

While they are durable and considered strong by industry standards, they do come with a set of risks. The probability of puncture to the lining is one of the biggest risks. If the liner is punctured or torn, leaks will be imminent. If this happens, a technician will have to locate and repair the leak or replace the liner altogether.


Another option is fiberglass. Fiberglass models are prefabricated structures that are manufactured in several shapes and sizes. They are placed directly into the ground. This option is the least expensive for this type of pool. Fiberglass models are easier to install than both concrete and vinyl and can be done fairly quickly. They are also more durable than vinyl models.

The primary drawback is the lack of